Who We Are​

PARTNERS Family Services Inc. is a non profit, charitable organization located in the City of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. 

PARTNERS Family Services is a family support center which serves the City of Humboldt and 36 surrounding 

rural communities within a 100 kilometer radius. PARTNERS Family Services believes in building healthy families

and communities to prevent interpersonal violence and abuse.

PARTNERS Family Services is funded by the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General for the Family Violence Outreach 

Program and the Ministry of Social Services for the Child and Family Support Services Program.

The Family Violence Outreach Program provides prevention, intervention and integrated support services to at-risk groups,

individuals and families experiencing interpersonal violence by providing a safe place to access in times of crisis. 

The Family Support Services Program aims to promote and maintain the integrity of the family by providing parent education, 

mentor ship, access to respite services and respite providers by foster families, alternative caregivers and families.

Vision Statement

Caring for People/Bridging Resources/Building Hope

Mission Statement

PARTNERS Family Services is committed to nurturing positive choices that sustain safe

and healthy individuals, families and communities through support, education and partnerships

Core Values

CARING through compassion and empathy

COMMITTED to safe and healthy individuals and communities

ACCOUNTABLE in taking responsibility for our decisions and actions

RESPECTFULLY treating people with dignity and equality

Organizational Goals

To increase the capacity of PARTNERS Family Services to deliver current services and programs

To share our vision with organizational and community stakeholders

To increase community services to meet the needs of our growing population

To continue to partner with a variety of community service agencies to have a single access space